This issue can be tackled from the following points:
1- There is nothing wrong, as far as Islam is concerned, that a Muslim man marries a chaste woman from the People of the Book, (a Christian or Jewish woman), but he should stipulate in the marriage contract that any children from the marriage will be Muslims.
2- We hope that the questioner tries hard to call his wife to Islam, and urge her to follow the straight path. In doing so, he will be generously rewarded by Allah Almighty.
3- The Muslim father is held responsible for the custody of his children and their wellbeing. In such marriage, Islam has entrusted the Muslim husband to shoulder the responsibility of the children for fear that the unbelieving mother would guide them to follow her religion, i.e. the Muslim father must be keen on bringing up his children upon the ethics and morals of Islam and he has to be cautious to safeguard their religion. So, from the very beginning before marriage, they have to agree on this issue in order to avoid any problem that may arise later due to this issue.