It is really wonder that some parents think that they can plan the life of their children according to their own wishes. They even forget that their children have grown up and that they have the right to choose for themselves.

With regard to marriage, parents are just advisers. For women, Islam has set the right of wilayah (guardianship) for the father to share this responsibility with his daughter and help her make the right choice. Islam also guided the guardians to accept the marriage proposal from the Muslim brother who has good character, manners and piety and is religious. But it does not entitled the woman’s father to force her to accept any proposal.

So, as long as the fiancée’s parents accept someone as a husband for their daughter, they should not interfere in their future. Future is in the Hand’s of Allah only and it is no use to try to impose a specific scenario for our children, because this scenario may not take place.

However, both of the future couple should approach the fiancée’s parents gently and try to convince them to let them have their plan for life in their own way.