Remembering Allah SWA is from the easy kinds of worship. It is light on the tongue yet heavy on the scales. It is desirable for a person to continuously remember Allah SWA, because this will make it easy for him on the day some of peoples faces will be black, and some faces will be bright, as reported by Sad bin Abi Waqas RA in Sahih Muslim, who said: (Once when we were with God’s messenger he asked whether any of us was incapable of acquiring a thousand blessings daily, and when one of those who were sitting with him asked how any of them could acquire a thousand blessings he replied, “If he says ‘Glory be to God’ a hundred times, a thousand blessings will be recorded for him or a thousand sins will be removed from him).

It is also desirable for people to advice others to do good, and this will open the doors of heaven for him as in Sahih Muslim in a hadith of Abdullah bin Masu’d: He who guides others to an act of goodness, will have a reward similar to that of its doer.

However, guiding others to do good does not mean that his word must be followed and done, for whoever receives a message on his phone to send it to a certain number of people, he is free to do as he wishes, if he wishes to send it he can, or he may decide not to do so, even if the message says “I am entrusting you to send this” or similar things. Based on that whoever reminds another to remember Allah SWA, and advised him to remind other then it is good, whether by phone, or otherwise. But whoever receives a message does not have to forward the message to others, even if he is entrusted with doing so, or he swore to do it, but it is desirable that he fulfills the request if he swore to do so, without being forced to.