First of all, we would like to stress that Muslims in France should try their best to pressure public opinion to change the law that banned hijab in schools. They should consider that banning of hijab is a challenge to their identity in that country. Whatever steps they take, they should apply wisdom in their approach, as resorting to stern measures is not a viable solution.

Sheikh Ahmad Kutty, a senior lecturer and Islamic scholar at the Islamic Institute of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, states: “Muslims in France are facing trials in their religion; their case is in many ways comparable to what the prophets of Allah faced in their own times. They should therefore continue the struggle by remaining steadfast to the principles and trusting that victory ultimately belongs to those who are truly conscious of Allah.

In case life becomes unbearable under the new laws, Muslim women are allowed to use the best possible alternatives available to them. If wearing a bandana is the only option, they are allowed to do that, for it fulfils some requirements of hijab, while keeping in mind that it is not a full substitute for hijab, since it does not cover the neck. But until such time that the pressure is off, they are allowed to wear it to school or other places where hijab is banned.

While resorting to this option, they should also do the following:

1. Never acquiesce in taking off hijab nor relish it, for doing so is akin to rejoicing in disobeying Allah.

2. Exert pressure on the government by using all constitutional and legal means to get the unjust law changed.

3. Keep the issue alive in the media.

4. Forge alliances with all peace-loving and democratic elements in France and outside to cooperate on fighting for human rights.

5. Unify the community on beneficial goals and projects that are relevant to the time and place, and thus project a common front.

6. Pray to Allah to help us remain steadfast in our struggle for truth and justice and to grant victory in all our endeavours.