Dr. Main  K. Al-Qudah, A Member of the Assembly of Muslim Jurists in America., stated that: It is the responsibility of both parties to attentively look at each other before proceeding with the marriage contract, obviously, to check the personal preferences on the potential life partner. It is to be noted that breast implanting for beatifying and not for medical purposes is prohibited because it is an intentional change of Allah’s creation.

On the other hand, if a husband focuses more on the good qualities your wife has, remember that the physical beauty does not last for long time, and that human desires are endless, he will feel more satisfaction and contentment with what Allah has destined for you. What if after a while you wanted your wife to change her eyes color, or to have thicker lips, or shorter nose, or white skin, etc Are you going to ask her to fulfil all these requests to help you not committing adultery!