Upon performing prayer, every one should try their best to cover their `awrah and attain the desired tranquility in prayer. If, by mistake, few hairs were not covered during performing prayer, then the woman’s prayer is valid, in sha’ Allah.
Sheikh Muhammad Al-Mukhtar Al-Shinqiti, director of the Islamic Center of South Plains, Lubbock, Texas, states the following: Such Prayer is valid because this is among the mistakes that are forgiven in the Shari`ah based on the hadith “My Ummah will not be accountable for three things: unintentional mistake, forgetfulness, and what they do under coercion.”

Also, Allah Almighty says about Muslim women, (that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except that which appears thereof) (An-Nur 24:31). The word “appear” according to scholars’ interpretation includes the part of the body that could be easily uncovered by the wind.