Islam generally encourages Muslims to appear neat, tidy and well groomed; this applies equally to males and females.
Greater emphasis in this matter, however, has been placed on married couples more than others; the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) set the perfect role model for all married couples when he said, “I prepare myself for my spouse, and she prepares herself for me!” The reason for this is not hard to comprehend as such appearance may go a long away in contributing towards martial stability and fulfilment as the spouses are supposed to serve as garments of protection for one another.
In keeping with the above spirit, we find the Islamic sources laying greater stress in recommending wives to appearing attractive before their spouses; the only limitation applicable here is resorting to practices that may amount to direct altering and tampering with Allah’s creation, for such practices are considered as clearly forbidden in Islam.
Given the above, as a Muslim lady you yourself can wax your body hair, or your husband can do so if you like. Also, there are different methods available in the market for this. You need to choose whatever is easier and most convenient for you. There is some liquid available in the market that can be used easily. There are also some shaving tools for women, may be this easier for you than waxing.
as for having some other woman to do the waxing for you, there is general agreement among scholars that a woman may uncover her hair, face, hands, neck, shoulders, legs from below her knees as well as feet in front of women. It should be clear that a Muslim woman is not allowed to uncover her `awrah (parts of the body that should not be exposed in front of others) except in case of necessity such as necessary medical treatment.

Therefore, it is not allowed to have another woman to do the waxing for you if this will lead to exposing the `awrah, as this is not an issue which would justify exposing your `awrah.