One negative aspect of the Industrial Age is the ceaseless and careless encroachment on the global environment. Man has caused too much damage to this planet through the overuse of energy, maltreatment of natural sources, and abuse of living creatures — all for selfish human interests. Man is blind to the environmental imbalance ensuing from such violations. One day, if not timely awakened, humans transgression against the environment, will backfire, and people will taste the evil of their corruption.

Answering this question, Sheikh `Abdel Khaliq Hasan Ash-Shareef, an eminent Muslim scholar and Da`iyah, said, The reality of the issue of global warming is still unclear. Perhaps some specialists exaggerate this matter. We actually have no clear ruling or Shari`ah text concerning this particular phenomenon. The reason behind this warming is the overuse of energy and huge emissions from big companies, planes, factories, etc.

Lay persons have nothing to do with it. Those who wage wars and cause corruption in earth by excessive violation of the environment will be held accountable for their corruption.

May Allah guide all to what pleases Him!