As far as Islam is concerned, parents are required to treat their children equally. Parents might seem extra cautious as to the wellbeing and religious upbringing of their children, especially girls. But girls should never think ill of their parents, and they should keep in mind that their parents truly care for them and in no way will true Muslim parents treat daughters unfairly. Parents, on the other hand, ought to be thoughtful of their children’s feelings and try their best to treat them justly and fairly. With this, the root of the problem will be removed and the whole atmosphere of love, compassion, tranquillity and serenity will replace ill feelings.
Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, former president of the Islamic Society of North America, states the following: Boys and girls both should be treated fairly by their parents and other elders. The rules of halal and haram are the same for boys and girls. It is not Shari`ah, but our cultural mentality that makes some of us think that a loose boy is O.K., but a loose girl is not because she brings shame to the entire family. The un-Islamic behaviour brings shame, whether it is of boys or girls. All of us should understand that.

Moreover, parents should be equally concerned with the behaviour of their boys and girls. This is the general principle, but girls also have a special need. They need more protection, because very often it is girls who become the victims of assaults, rape and other indignities. In most cases boys can defend themselves, but girls need help.
In America, we see warnings and reminders to girls and women at schools, colleges and universities and everywhere, that they should be extra careful and cautious. They should not go alone in unpopulated areas, especially at night. They are told to be careful when dealing with males, even those whom they know. All these warnings are given for only one reason and the reason is that females need more protection. Thus, it is necessary for girls to receive extra care and attention from their parents as well as their older brothers and other relatives.