The Zar is nothing but a kind of magic and superstition, and it is not permissible. It is used by those who allege that they treat the people who are possessed by the Jinn. So, they organize these huge celebrations, during which the patient and the people who are present engage in dance, in a place full of incense. Sometimes they repeat some words which you cannot understand.

however, the Islamic view of such a gathering is that it is a bid`ah (innovation in religion) and that it should be forsaken. Satan made this seem lawful to some people, especially those who are either ignorant or psychologically devastated because of psychopathy or any similar illnesses or incurable diseases, and seek cure by any means.

In this regard, Dr. Muhammad Al-Buhy, an Azharite scholar, states,

Islam provides people with teachings that can help them in all walks of life. Islam is against superstition and belief in myths. It forbids all forms of foretelling that some of the people of Jahiliyyah (pre-Islamic ignorance) claimed, such as divination, soothsaying, and fortune-telling. Also, Islam bans similar fabulous habits of the people of Jahiliyyah, such as the practices of geomancy and observance of birds’ movements.

the Zar is based on superstition and the belief in devils and their connection with the human body. So, Islam is totally against it, and it is just a kind of delusion and deception.

Muslims are obliged to warn people against such an evil and advise them , especially the weak-minded ones who believe in such things and celebrate them. As for those who suffer from psychological diseases, they are advised to seek a medical treatment by specialized doctors, as well as recite the Qur’an and make du`aa’ (supplication).