There are no specific supplications that are uttered to ease the woman’s labor pains. However, some Muslim scholars state there are some Qur’anic supplications that may help ease child delivery.
Some of them state that Surat Adh-Dhaldhalah or Surah No. (99) of the Qur’an should be written on a paper and then mixed with a saffron liquid in certain container. Also, there is nothing wrong with writing other Qur’anic verses that speak about Allah’s knowledge of the pregnancy such as “ …And no fruits burst forth from their sheaths, and no female carrieth or bringeth forth but with His knowledge…” (Fussilat: 47) And the verse: “Allah knoweth that which every female beareth and that which the wombs absorb and that which they grow. And everything with Him is measured.” (Ar-Ra`d: 8)
The aforementioned verses should be written on a paper and then the paper can be mixed with saffron in a container. After doing that one should implore Allah earnestly to ease the labor pains while touching the woman’s belly gently.
Also, those verses can be recited in a cup of water, for example, make the woman experiencing the throes of childbirth drink it, and one may then rub the woman’s belly with water that remains in the container.
Another possibility, those around the woman at the time of the throes of childbirth can read the aforementioned verses on the woman with the intention of easing her difficulty.
All the woman’s relatives and people who are present at that time should implore Allah earnestly to ease the woman’s delivery. It stands to reason that Allah Almighty answers the supplications of the wronged if they implored Him earnestly. Referring to this, Allah Almighty says: “Is not He (best) who answereth the wronged one when he crieth unto Him and removeth the evil, and hath made you viceroys of the earth? Is there any God beside Allah? Little do they reflect!” (An-Naml: 62)