We implore Allah, Most High, to make the approaching `Eid Al-Fitr a moment of blessing for every Muslim. Moreover, we look forward to the `Eid in which Islam regains its long-awaited victory and Muslims spread peace and prosperity all over the world.
`Eid Al-Fitr is the day of benefits and blessings for all fasting Muslims, as they are promised great reward by Almighty Allah for their good observance of fasting. At the end of Ramadan, Muslims express their gratitude to Allah, Who has enabled them to observe fasting and, at the same time, granted them abundant provision during this blessed month. `Eid Al-Fitr, therefore, is a day of joy, acts of worship, thanksgiving to Allah, cooperation, solidarity, brotherhood, unity, and spiritual provision.

On this issue, Sheikh Ahmad Kutty states:

On the day of `Eid, there are some Sunnah acts that we should do, among which are the following:

1. Engage in takbir (saying “Allahu akbar”) from fajr until the imam comes out for salah. Takbir is recommended for males, females, young and old.
2. It is also important to make sure that zakat Al-Fitr is given out before the salah. Ideally, it should be given in advance so that the poor can enjoy their `Eid.
3. Appear in the best clean clothes or dress that one can afford that are reasonable and modest.
4. It is recommended to go early to the prayer ground.
5. And most importantly, to wish every one the joy of `Eid and show true signs of Islamic brotherhood by shaking hands and embracing and supplicating: “Taqabal Allahu Minna wa Minkum” (May Allah accept it from us and you).
6. It is also considered a good Islamic practice to visit one another and exchange gifts. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “Exchange gifts in order to foster love.”
7. Remember the true spirit of `Eid is reflected in our extreme generosity to the poor and the needy. So, be charitable as best as you can.
8. Make lots of istighfar (asking Allah for forgiveness) and pray that Allah accept our fast, prayers and devotion, and may He grant the Ummah glory and success.