Islam pays great attention to caring about the disabled and guaranteeing them an honorable life. The jurists have tackled the importance of providing medical, physical, and religious care for the disabled and making them aware of their rights. So the community should provide them with care and protection.
elaborating on this, Dr. Sano Koutoub Moustapha, professor of fiqh and its principles, International Islamic University, Malaysia, states: Being mentally and physically healthy is one of the great things that we should be grateful for. At the same time, sickness—be it mental or physical—is a test from Allah to mankind. Therefore, one has to be patient, grateful, and thankful to Allah for whatever He gives.

As for those people who are disabled in the Muslim community, they deserve full attention and all types of assistance and treatment. They shouldn’t be subject to any type of humiliation, rejection, or discrimination based on their health. Furthermore, it is an obligation upon Muslim community to provide them with whatever they need and whatever will help them.

As for restricting their movements, this would only be allowed if it is proven to be a part of their treatment. Meaning, they should not be isolated for the sake of isolation but for the sake of providing them with more treatment.

Certainly, Muslim community has to give a lot of attention to these disabled people. It is a consensus among scholars that the whole community will be considered sinful if these people are neglected and abandoned or humiliated. Therefore, it is a duty of all Muslim community, especially the leaders to look for means and ways leading to treat and attend to the needs of these disabled people. May Allah grant every sick Muslim and human being a good health and longevity.
May Allah guide all to what pleases Him!