Rape is a horrible crime that has many dire consequences on the society. In addition, the punishment for rape involves many other aspects beyond the mere application of 100 lashes. The punishment itself may reach death penatly according to the decision of the Muslim judge as clarified in the fatwa itself. In addition, the rapist should seek the forgiveness from the one who raped her in order for him to be forgiven. Moreover, there is a punishment in the Hereafter for such sins, let alone the many sinful acts to which one will be responsible for in the Hereafter such as violating the honor of a woman, forcing her to this horrible act, etc..

In addition, it is clearly stated in the fatwa that “If a woman is raped, she should press charges against the one who raped her. If it is proved that she was raped, then the court must apply discretionary punishment or ta`zir on the rapist. Such discretionary punishment may reach the death penalty, according to some schools of thought.

In conclusion, we do stress that Islam strives hard to have a clean and pure society that is free from sin and immoral acts. Some Muslim scholars state that the hadd is a symbolic deterrence for the sinful person in order to stay away from committing the act again and to be an exemplar before others who may think of repeating the same mistake.