All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.

May Allah save us all from the traps of Satan and enlighten our hearts with the light of Islam!

 Zienab Mostafa, A prominent Muslim Scholar and Da`iyah said that when you are in pains and problems in your marriage, the only One you turn to and pray to is Allah. Ask Him to take away the sources of your discomfort and ease your affairs.

Islam teaches us to have pure hearts. Holding grudges or/and cursing people in supplication are against the manners and teachings of Islam. Therefore, you are not allowed to make such du`a’ nor are you allowed to hold such grudges.

Having said that, she advised that we should stay away from cursing people and that we take all the means possible to go away from a spouse frustrating our lives. If anyone is going through this and is already livng on social assistance, whereas your spouse is not caring or providing, then you may seek divorce in the legal way. You may file for divorce and claim custody of your children. That way you can be freed and not hold grudges.