First of all, we do commend children’s will to help their parents to perform Hajj. As good muslims, we shouldn’t hesitate in helping our parents perform Hajj as long as we can afford it, and we will be greatly rewarded by Allah for our dutifulness to our parents.

As for the issue of paying for our parent’s Hajj and not performing Hajj yet, every muslim is highly encouraged to perform their Hajj as soon as possible, as long as we could afford for it. Some scholars consider Hajj an immediate duty that a Muslim should carry out once he is able to. Other scholars, however, say that a Muslim may delay Hajj to a more convenient time.

Given the above, it is our advise to try our best to accompany our parents in the Hajj trip and perform Hajj together. If, due to acceptable reasons, one cannot go with their parent this year, it is OK to delay Hajj to the coming year, asking Allah Almighty to help us carry out our obligatory Hajj.