It should be noted that menstruation does not hinder a woman from wearing the clothes of ihramin the miqat. Therefore, a woman can wear the clothes of ihram at the miqat and perform all rituals of Hajj with the exception of Tawaf.

Responding to this question, Sheikh Ahmad Kutty, an Islamic scholar states:

“If you start menstruating before or while traveling for Hajj, you are required to assume ihram from the miqat like everyone else, after having washed and cleansed yourself, regardless of whether or not you are still menstruating. This is what the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) advised his own wives and the women who were traveling for Hajj. He told t hem to perform all of the rites of Hajj except Tawaf. You should do Tawaf after your menses has finished, and after you have performed ghusl.

Consequently, you should enter the state of ihram from the miqat like everyone else; you should also make Talbiyah, and engage in dhikr and supplications; you may also recite from memory, selected verses and du`aa’ from the Qur’an; you may not recite the Qur’an from the mushaf unless there is a need to do so.