Hajj rites

Not Performing Tawaf Az-Ziyarah due to Menses

Assalamu-alaikum Mufti Aahab,May Allah bless you all for providing this platform to people like us to get our answers.I got married last year through a website but later found out to my shockthat the guy and his family had deceived us by posting complete false information. He was a drunkard, characterless, did not pray a single namaz, was mentally unstable psycopath. In order to save myself the disgrace of being called a divorcee I was prepared to undergo all kinds of torture and did not tell anyone about this.It reached a point where I had lost the powerto think or act. Then one day, I still beleive as if, Allah only showed methe way, and I got divorce from him.My question is however not related to the above. By Allah's grace, after the divorce, i got the opportunity to perform Hajj with my parents.I was taking pills to postpone the periods but unfortunately on EXCATLY the first day of hajj the periods started. As I got completely nervous I startedtaking double doses of the same pill hoping to stop the periods but unfortunately it went on and i had to RETURN BACK WITHOUT PERFORMING thetAWAAF e ZIYARAT.I would be obliged if you can let me have your wisdom on the following:- 1. Has Allah punished  me further by not letting me complete all the arkans of Hajj and come back NOT BEING a Haaji?2. Alhamdlillah and Insha Allah I plan to go in the coming Hajj again to complete the tawaaf e ziyarat and also perform a second Hajj, if only Allah wishes so.Now between, if by Allah's wish I get married so will that be OK withoutnon-performance of the Tawaaf e ziyarat? (I'm asking this as I know that the relations bet husband and wife are not allowed till all the Hajj arkans are performed and Ihram restrictions follow)3. Do I have to give a damm' or fidya?Once again may Allah shower his rehmat on you for the g ood work that you allare doing.Allah Hafiz