A Muslim should seek a righteous spouse for marriage. Religion and good character should be the top concern of every Muslim when looking for a spouse. This is compatible with the Prophet’s guidance: “If a person of acceptable religion and character presents himself for marriage, marry him, otherwise, there would be widespread sedition and rampant corruption in the land.”

Therefore, we advise to concern ourselves first of all with the morals and characters of the would-be husband, in shaa’ Allah.

Thus, if both parties are serious about marriage and are good Muslims, then both of you have to convince his/her family of the other partner. So, the guy should approach his family kindly and to try to convince them by all possible means. He may seek the help of an influential family member or the Imam of a nearby Islamic Center.

After that, the man has to decide what to do either to go on and ask for your hand in marriage and take practical steps in that way along with doing his best to convince his family or to express his real intention whether or not he will continue.

Finally, do not forget to perform Istikharah Prayer and consult your parents before taking any practical step in this respect. Also, parents should be understanding and should teach their children self-dependence and the freedom to take sound decisions.