First of all, generalizations are not always true or precise. Of course, not all lipsticks contain haram substances as the end user can easily notice this from the attached information to the beauty products. Above all, if you are in doubt you can ask specialists in the field.

As for the Muslim woman applying lipstick, we would like to stress the fact that lipstick, like any other beauty products, should not be used by a Muslim woman in public; that is, she can only use it for the sake of her husband, or in the presence of other women, and of Mahrams (the men she can never marry like her brother, father, uncle, etc.).

If a woman does not appear wearing that in front of strange men (non-mahrams) and it does not contain any impure substances such as pig extracts, and it is not harmful to the skin, then it is permissible, especially in order to beautify oneself for one’s husband. The basic principle concerning adornments is that they are permissible.”