Taking refuge with “Kalimat Allah al-Taammaat” which means “complete words of Allah” is one of the things the prophet told us to say during our supplication. The scholars have differed in opinion over the meaning of “Allah’s complete words” some say that it means the Qura’an, others have said it means the glorious names and attributes of Allah SWA. In all cases, we are supposed to make sure we read the morning and evening Adhkar, to ensure we are in the safety of Allah SWA. 

Sheikh Ali al-Jumu’ah a saudi scholar says:

Yes, it is correct that the prophet ordered us to take refuge in the “complete words of Allah SWA” in the morning and in the evening, and when a person reaches home, instead of what the disbelievers did in the time of Jahilliyah by taking refuge with the Jinn. Where one of them, if he entered a valley, he said: I take refuge with the master of this valley from the foolish ones of this tribe, so the prophet changed it to taking refuge with Allah SWA and returning to him. 

Muslim narrated in his sahih that Khawla bint Hakeem RA said: I heard the Prophet say: Who ever reaches his home and then says: I seek refuge in Allah’s perfect word, from the evil of what he has created, nothing will harm him, until he leaves that house. 

The scholars have differed in opinion over the meaning of “Allah’s complete word” and they have divided into two interpretations:

The first one: Is that it means Allah’s names and attributes, and he should seek refuge with them by saying: I seek refuge in The All Hearing All knowing, or with his attributes by saying: I seek refuge in the mercy of Allah, and the Strength of Allah, and Glory of Allah.

The second interpretation: Is that it means the Holy Quraan. As the Qura’an is Allah’s word, He speaks in it and the angel Jibreel (Gabriel) brought it down to the Prophet

The complete words of Allah have been described that way in the first interpretation because they are free from any fault or shortcomings which the names and characteristics of humans have. As for the second interpretation, the Holy Qura’an is free from any fault or shortcomings as compared to the speech of humans which do contain faults and shortcomings. This is why the Arab with their eloquence and pure speech still failed to bring even something similar to the shortest surah in the Quran

The saying of the Prophet : “I seek refuge with the complete word of Allah, from the evil of what he has created” is a protective fort, from the whispers of the devil, and from the devils of the jinn and the humans. A Muslim is advised to read the passages from the book of Allah SWA and the teachings of the Prophet : For it is a fort for the Muslim, like the throne verse, and Surah Falaq, and Surah Naas which the Muslim should say these three times in the morning and in the evening and he should also say: “In the name of Allah, who with His Name nothing can harm in the earth nor in the heavens, and He is All Hearing All Knowing”.

Also “I seek refuge with the perfect word of Allah without them no good or harm can take place”.

And: “I seek refuge with Allah’s perfect word from every devil and evil soul and from every evil eye”.

The Muslim resorts to Allah SWA for everything, reads the Quraan often, and the supplications before going to sleep, upon waking,  entering the house, leaving the house, eating or drinking, when making wudu and many other situations.