Indeed, it is part of Allah’s taqdeer that a certain person remains unmarried for a certain period of time. The fact that there are many Muslim girls get advanced in age without getting married is part of a big problem taking its roots in modern soceities due to different causes. However, it is our role as Muslims to facilitate marriage and to avoid complicating the matters related to it so as to prevent spinsterhood. If we are to follow the noble teachings of the Qur’an and the Sunnah, then there will be no existence to such problems in our Muslim societies.

The London-based Da`iyah, Zienab Mostafa states that: “A lot of effort is required to save our youth from this problem. It is a life long process and needs the cooperation of all the resources of the Ummah to save the future Muslim generations.
at the same time, we should not just feel sorry for our situation, we have to move forward towards achieving the following.
Firstly, to keep hope and pray to Allah to support those educated Muslim women to be firm on their way and to bless them with righteous Muslim men in marriage.
Secondly, to establish a committee or an organization for facilitating marriage between religious and educated people.
Above all, such problems need social-awareness, deep thought and long-range action.”