Sacrifice is from the good deeds which the Islamic law has ordered us to do. In general matters, it is for men and women together without any difference between the genders apart from what the hadith brings evidence of in specific things. If the woman is wealthy, then she has a right to give a sacrifice, obligatory or from the sunnah, as according to scholars which have differed in opinion in the ruling on sacrifice.

Dr Abdul Kareem Zaidan – A teacher of jurisprudence- says:

Women are expected to make sacrifice like the men, for it is obligatory on her or a sunnah, as it is obligatory or sunnah on the men. The scholar Ibn Hazm Al dhari said: “The sacrifice is liked for the one who has performed hajj in makkah, and for the traveller, and for the one who is a resident and there is no difference, likewise for men and wmen. Supporting this is the saying of Allah SWA (And do good), and giving sacrifice is doing good. Everyone we have mentioned is in need of good deeds. Also, in the Prophet’s sayings regarding sacrifice and slaughtering, he did not specify for the one who was present or one who was not, or between a traveller and a resident, or between a man and a woman, or between a free man and a slave, and nor between a person performing Hajj between those who aren’t. Therefore, specifying someone in this is wrong and not allowed.

Al Kasani one of Hanafi’s scholars said, after mentioning the conditions of obligatory sacrifice “ And everything we have mentioned from conditions apply to both men and women, because the evidence do not differ between the two.

In conclusion, both man and women are equal when it comes to giving sacrifice, so if a woman is able to give a sacrifice, then it is obligatory on her, and her right, or sunnah depending on the difference of opinion on the ruling between the scholars.