As a Muslim man that’s intending to get married, you are not allowed to ask about such physical measurements of the woman you intend to marry, or you are considering as a future partner. This will really open the gate before temptation and chaos, especially when you decline your marriage offer. That is why Islam is keen to preserve woman’s honour and chastity.

Sheikh `Abdel Khaliq Hasan Ash-Shareef, the prominent Egyptian Muslim scholar and Da`iyah, states the following: “No, it is totally forbidden for you to ask a possible future wife or a woman one is considering marrying about such measurements whether over the e-mail or in person. What is really permissible is that we send a Muslim woman whom we trust and let her see the woman we intend to marry and tell us that she is physically fit for marriage, but she is not allowed to describe that minute physical features as well.”