Sheikh `Abdus-Sattaar Fathallah As-Sa`eed, professor of Qur’an Exegesis and Qur’anic Sciences at Al-Azhar University, states the following: “Generally speaking, income obtained from running such cafés cannot be classified as Halal or Haram unless we know exactly the nature of activities involved.
If owners of such Internet clubs utilize the service provided to help people find lawful information, exchange messages, contact companies and markets to participate in lawful activities, then the income obtained is Halal and there is nothing wrong with it.
However, If owners of such cafés gain money by providing both men and women an atmosphere facilitating illicit practices such as watching pornography etc., then the money gained from such activities is Haram, because the means, through which such activities are originally obtained, is also Haram. The wisdom behind this prohibition is that such illicit practices lead to temptation and immorality.
Allah Almighty says: “Lo! Those who love that slander should be spread concerning those who believe, theirs will be a painful punishment in the world and the Hereafter. Allah knoweth. Ye know not.” (An-Nur: 20)”