Halal work

Be Tolerant and Patient

As salaam alikum Brother, I am wife of a man who is depressed and in great pain due to humiliation by our own muslim brother. My husband work in a company which belongs to his friend since 30 years. Previously he was working in a school where he was treated in the same way for 8 long years and he left that job and came to work with his friend who offered him a place after great request. Now he too behaves in the same manner and worst that the people at school. He knows everything in detail how my husband faced for 8 years and inspite of being kind to him he humiliates,degrades,holds responsible for things he does nt do, makes fun of him front of others as if he is joking, he does all sorts of things on daily basis. Even though he know that my husband is more knowlegable than  his own brother and brother in law whom he is keeping as managers over him. They go and come as they like in the office but my husband is dealt very strictly with his time in office and the number of hours he works. He leave everyone in the office and hold my husband responsible for every short coming even if he knows very well that some other person is responsible for this.he does all this because he knows very well that we are helpless people and its very difficult to get any other job due to my husband's age which is 54. He even told once if you are not happy you can search another job even though he knows that our children are studying in college and how much we need this job.as for him he is very well established, with lots of money, house comfort etc but illtreats my husband who is his friend for 30 years.the sad thing is both are arabs and we are living in an arab country, but i havent seen any of the other communities behaving with their own people in this way.there is not a single day where we are not hurt and depressed from this man's behaviour towards my husband. There are daily tears in my eyes from the pain he is giving us. My husband comes home most of the days of the week if not all, depressed, fedup does nt know what to do. He is suffering from high BP also. Sometimes my husband tells me that he feels as if the blood has stopped circulating in his veins from that person's words to him and insult. This puts me in great sorrow. We both have patient as its precribed in our beautiful religion but i am worried of my husband's health also as i know he is very much hurt from inside which has even effected his physical life as a man.  Having explained the situation i would like to know where this muslim friend of his with such a behaviour stand in front of ALMIGHTY ALLAH? what has the shariah got to say about such people and what should my husband and me do who are facing this each day in our lives. I know i may be asking you a meaning less question as i understand that such behavious is against the teachings of islam but you are a knowlegeable person so you may explain some better and more in depth for such situations. JAzak ALLAH KHAIR.