Children are extensions of their parents and bearers of their parents’ characteristics. During the parents’ lifetime, children are the joy of their eyes, while after the parents’ death children represent a continuation of their existence. They inherit the parents’ features as well as their mental qualities and traits, both the good and the bad, both the beautiful and the ugly. Children are part of their parents’ hearts and a piece of their bodies.
That is why parents should try their best to bring up their children according to the manners of Islam and to inculcate true Islamic understanding and faith in them.
The prominent Muslim scholar and da`iyah based in London Zienab Mostafa, states the following:
“I can suggest the following:
1. Children need to learn the civilized habits of Islam in eating, cleanliness, etc…
2. They need to learn to follow the orders of the home and to respect parents and elderly people.
3. Allow them to discover the world around them through their toys and play.
4. Allow them to have friends in order to teach them how to live with people in the society.
The best way to instil Islamic manners in children is to implant in their hearts the love for Allah and the Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) and to always introduce Allah and His Messenger in a very positive way. Always mention Allah with mercy. And tell them that Allah loves children and link anything good with the favor of Allah. Teach your children the life of the Prophet and the stories of his Companions as well. Put the habit of reading in your children. Implant in their hearts the love to help others and everyone who is in need. Try to provide activities that enable you to put this meaning in your children’s hearts and train them to behave according to these values. You may arrange for field trips and celebrations on certain Islamic occasions, too, as this will surely help a lot.”