Zienab Mustafa  Profession A prominent Muslim Scholar and Da`iyah, she commented,

Spouses are meant to love and respect each other. If either of you should have a shortcoming, you should exert effort in finding out the reasons that prompted such behaviour. Peaceful dialogue should occur between you in order to assess what goes wrong and to suggest a recipe for change. If you think you might have contributed to this anger in any way, then you should start with yourself and you should come together and discuss these issues gently and seriously as well.

We will likewise advise that words should be chosen carefully as regards divorce. This is because divorce has serious consequences as they may affect sanctity of family and disrupt lives of people, and, as such, it is best handled on a personal level of counseling and Ifta (religious ruling) where specific details can be addressed.

On a last note, you have to bear in mind the fact that there are many factors that affect the validity of divorce, such as the state of the woman in terms of menstruation, purity, intimate relations, etc. Therefore, we suggest that both husband and wife should contact the nearby Islamic center or Imam – who is known for his profound knowledge of fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) – and present all information regarding the divorce so as to enable the mufti to give them a right Fatwa.