First of all, it should be clear that a Muslim should seek a righteous spouse for marriage. Religion and good character should be the top concern of every Muslim when looking for a spouse. This is compatible with the Prophet’s guidance: “If a person of acceptable religion and character presents himself for marriage, marry him, otherwise, there would be widespread sedition and rampant corruption in the land.”

Therefore, we advise every Muslim looking for a partner to concern themself first of all with the morals and characters of the would-be husband/wife, in shaa‘ Allah.

Moreover, there is nothing wrong in making du`aa‘ to marry a certain person if we see them as a righteous person and a good candidate for us. Everyone should try their best to ask about his/her characters and morals. This can be done by asking close friends and relatives. We may even try to seek the help of the Imam of the nearby Islamic Center in order to avoid any shyness in this regard and to help you be assured of his/her character and piety.