A man must not divorce his wife to bring harm upon her, as this constitutes an act that demolishes this noble establishment, breaks the woman’s heart, and possibly separates the woman from her children without any reason. Thus, the separation between a man and his wife [without just reason] was considered one of the major and grave sins, and one of the most beloved actions of Satan, as was narrated in a number of hadiths. It is forbidden for a man to leave his wife to harm her without settling their differences and problems. In this way, he will expose himself to Allah’s punishment. It is also forbidden for a woman to ask for a divorce without a sensible reason.
the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “Among lawful things, divorce is most hated by Allah.” (Reported by Abu Dawud) The spouses should avoid divorce as much as possible. If they have difficulties and problems they should try to work out their differences and seek help from their relatives, friends or professional counselors. However, if the differences are irreconcilable then divorce is permissible, but it should be done in a decent manner.

Having stated the above, it becomes clear that divorcing a wife without a just reason and thus causes her deep harm is considered a sin in Islam. The woman in this case is advised to keep patience and to ask Allah to grant her a husband who is better than him. No one knows what is good. She has to praise Allah and make constant dhikr (remembrance of Allah) and du`aa‘ (supplication) asking Allah to protect her against evils and to grant her happiness in this worldly life and in the Hereafter. Finally, it is her right to ask for her rights from her ex-husband and it is a duty upon him to give her her rights in peace.