First of all it is to be noted that angels are created from light and have the ability to take on many good shapes. We read their description in the Qur’an as being pure and honoured servants of Allah. They obey Him and never violate any of His commands; they are persistent in offering worship and never feel fatigue or slumber. They have assigned tasks that they do all the time.

Coming to the depicting angels in films, it is haram (prohibited by Allah) because we have no access to know their exact shape. Thus, trying to portray them would be considered lying, which is forbidden in Islam.

Focusing more on this issue, here is the fatwa of the prominent Muslim scholar Dr. Ahmad Ar-Raysouni, professor of Shari`ah at the Moroccan Universities: “It is totally forbidden to depict prophets in films. It is also forbidden to depict angels in films, TV serials, or the like because this constitutes a violation of their sacred characters. In addition, depicting angels in films is an act of lying because we do not know what they look like.”

In addition, the prominent Muslim scholar
Sheikh `Atiyyah Saqr
, former Head of Al-Azhar Fatwa Committee states:

“It is totally forbidden to represent angels in any form other than that given in the Qur’an. This means that it is forbidden to draw pictures of angels or depict them in films. This will be tantamount to lying, which is haram (prohibited by Allah).”

Based on the above, we conclude that it is forbidden to depict angels in films because this runs against the holiness of their characters and is tantamount to lying, simply because we do not know their true shape or exact form.