It should be clear that Muslims, whether in the West or the East, should show other peoples and communities how Islam cares about the welfare and goodness of all humanity. Islam aims at building healthy and sound societies that bring forth the objectives of man’s existence in the world. No doubt, man is to populate and cultivate the earth. Homosexuality runs contrary to the basic aim of man’s existence in this world.
By the same token, Islam lays down rules and regulations that protect humanity and guarantee its healthy existence. For example, Islam forbids all sexual practices outside of marriage so as to protect the family, which is cornerstone of the whole society; if the family is healthy and sound, the whole society will be healthy and sound.
Therefore, Islam prohibits homosexuality and lesbianism and all means that lead to either of them. These perverted acts are reversal of the natural order, a corruption of man’s sexuality, and a crime against the rights of the opposite sex.
The spread of these depraved practices in a society disrupts its natural life pattern and makes those who practice them slaves to their lusts.
Given the above, Muslims should precede others in declaring the Islamic ethics and values that protect humanity against chaos and ruin.
Dr. Sano Koutoub Moustapha, professor of Fiqh and its Principles, International Islamic University, Malaysia, states: I merely doubt that a Muslim who believes in Allah and His Messenger would have such a shameful and very disturbing and ridiculous position. It is common knowledge that homosexuality is prohibited and condemned by Islam for good.
There are many verses and hadiths that condemn and consider such an act as very horrible and inhuman in its nature. Therefore, I shall call upon those people who might have confused themselves and shamed Islam by supporting such a terrible crime against nature and morality; it is a big sin to just believe in the legitimacy or legality of this act.
Moreover, it is forbidden for a sane and mature Muslim to support this type of movement.
Furthermore, marriage in Islam needs not to be redefined to suit the unnatural and immoral desire of defiant and lost people; rather it needs to be protected by all means and ways. Muslims in Canada or elsewhere should not hide the position of their religion and all respected religions in the world about this act.