Sheikh, Imam, the preacher of Islam: Muhammad Metwally al-Shaarawi (may Almighty Allah have mercy on him)

He was born on April 4, 1911 in the village of Daqadous, Mit Ghamr Center, Dakahlia, Egypt.

He may Allah memorized the Noble Qur’an in his village, acquired his primary and secondary education at the Zagazig Religious Institute, then joined the College of Arabic Language. He obtained his BA certificate in 1941. He obtained his Doctorate degree together with a Teaching certificate in 1943.

He was appointed a teacher at the Tanta Azhari Institute and worked there, later he was transferred to the Alexandria Institute, and then the Zagazig Institute.

He was seconded to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the year 1950 AD, and he worked as a lecturer at the Faculty of Sharia at King Abdul Aziz University in Makkah Al-Mukarramah.

In 1960, he was appointed as the principal of the Tanta Institute. He was appointed as the Director of Islamic propagation at the Egyptian Ministry of Endowments in 1961. Then he became the Inspector of Arabic Sciences at Al-Azhar in 1962, and later appointed as the Director of the Office of the Grand Imam, Sheikh Hassan Maamoun, in 1964.

He was also appointed the head of the Al-Azhar Mission in Algeria in 1966.

He was a visiting professor at King Abdulaziz University – College of Sharia – Makkah Al-Mukarramah in 1970, then head of the Department of doctorate Studies at King Abdulaziz University 1972.

He was appointed Minister of Endowments and Al-Azhar Affairs in Egypt in 1976, and a member of Islamic Research Academy in 1980. He was chosen as a member of the advisory Council in 1980.

His eminence undertook the mission of Islamic advocacy on the largest scale in various countries of the world.

May Allah have mercy on him extensively, and make us live with him in the gardens of immortality with the prophets, martyrs and righteous people, and those are of good companion.