Prayer has a certain time in which a Muslim should offer it. Allah says, “Worship at fixed hours hath been enjoined on the believers.” (An-Nisa’: 103) The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) warned against ignoring offering prayers in their due times.
So, you are asked to seek your boss’ permission to offer prayer. Then, you can make up for the time you have taken in prayer. Spare no efforts in convincing your boss of the seriousness of the issue of prayer. Moreover, you should be a good example in efficiency, loyalty, truthfulness, etc.
Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, former president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) states: “May Allah give every Muslim strength to worship Him properly and accordingly. We know that there is a lot of propaganda against Islam and Muslims in this country. Muslims are constantly targeted with ridicule, misrepresentation and abuses. Some Muslims are intimidated and are becoming afraid to say that they are Muslims.
This is absolutely wrong. You should not be afraid and should not feel intimidated to hide yourself, hide your identity or not to worship and to practice your faith openly. The more you are afraid the more the enemies of Islam will frighten you and intimidate you.
You should inform your employer about your faith and ask for a place of worship. Be a good and courteous person and do your work with diligence, honesty and sincerity. They will then know the truth about Islam and Muslims.
By hiding yourself you will continue in the state of fear and you will not be able to prove the falsehood of those who make propaganda against Islam and Muslims.”
Now, it becomes crystal clear that it’s your duty to offer prayers in time, and compensate the work for the time taken in offering prayer. By means of loyalty, sincerity, and good work, you will be able, in shaa’Allah, to apply the Islamic teachings and to call other people to Islam.