As long as your job does not relate directly with Riba or any other haram financial transactions, it is not included in the prohibition. However, if you find another job, it would be better for you to leave working in the bank to avoid doubts.

Dr. Monzer Kahf, a Scholar in Islamic Economics and a Financial Expert, states the following:

“All of us know that bank interest is a kind of Riba which is prohibited in the Shari`ah. It is also prohibited to give it, receive or take it, write its contracts and be a witness on them. Hence, any job that requires a Muslim to make a contract of Riba, or be instrumental in making it such as negotiating it with the customer, getting it signed or signing it on behalf of the bank and other jobs related directly to making a Riba-based contract with regards to deposits or financing in a Riba based bank is prohibited.
However, there are jobs in banks that do not relate directly to Riba such as guards, tellers, treasurers, engineers, researchers, buildings and machines maintenance workers, etc., I personally quote two of the greatest Muslim scholars’ views regarding that as follows:

His eminence Sheikh Muhammad al-Siddiq al-Darir of Sudan and His eminence Sheikh Muhammad al-Mukhtar al-Sallami of Tunis are of the opinion that such jobs are not included in the prohibition.

However, they maintain that jobs which support the Riba-based operations are prohibited.”