In case of husband’s constant abuse to the wife, she has the full right to ask for divorce and the husband in such case is required to either do his best to reform his relations with his wife and seek her pardon or to willingly divorce her. If he did not and insisted on his abuse, then the wife can file a suit against him in court and by then if the husband’s abuse is proven, the judge has the right to approve the divorce.

Nevertheless, prior to asking for divorce, the wife in such cases is asked to use wisdom in addressing the issue before resorting to the demand for divorce. She should do her best to reform the character of her husband and try to work out their differences seeking the help of friends, influential family members or professional counselling.
Yet, if worse comes to worst and she did her best with no avail, then she can go ahead with asking for divorce bearing into consideration that she has the full right to either live a respectful life enjoying respect, compassion and affection from her husband or to be divorced upon her demand in case of constant abuse.
Finally, it is our advice to seek the help and consultation of a family member before taking action. It is also our advice to make du`aa’ to Allah asking Him to help you come to ease and comfortable life.