What a Divorced Woman Deserves From the Divorcing Husband

First, we should know that divorce is the most disliked lawful thing in Islam. One should not think about divorce except as the last resort when it becomes impossible to continue the marital relationship. Divorce, as well known and observed, does have negative impacts on the whole family, especially the children and on the community as well.

Second, according to  a hadith in Sahih Muslim on Fatimah bint Qays who was divorced irrevocably, it is clear that if a man divorces his wives irrevocably, the wife will not  have maintenance and accommodation. In other words, providing maintenance and accommodation is only for the revocably divorced woman.

In addition to that, if the husband consummated the marriage before giving the wife her mahr, the wife deserves the whole prescribed mahr. However, if a part of the mahr is deferred, it becomes immediately biding once she is divorced. This has nothing to do with being revocably or irrevocably divorced.