Concerning the Islamic ruling of watching boxing competitions in general, we would like to cite the verdicts of the following eminent scholars:

Dr. Ahmad Shleibak, stated:

“It will be okay to watch it as long as it will not prevent you from remembering Allah, doing your duties towards Him, performing your daily prayers on time. If with watching you will be able to carry out your duties, then it be fine, in sha’ Allah, but if it will keep you way then it becomes haram.”

Moreover, Sheikh `Abdul-Majeed Subh, a prominent Azharite scholar, said:

“There is nothing wrong in watching such competitions on TV bearing into consideration that regarding boxing as Makruh or haram because of it containing violence does not prohibit watching it. That is because the original ruling is permissibility unless there a general text or a special text mentioning the impermissibility or prohibition.”