When Allah Almighty created man, beasts and all other things in this universe, He made a sign in every living creature. Even in man’s body there is a sign for the people of understanding. Allah Almighty says: “And (also) in yourselves. Can ye then not see?” (Adh-Dhariyat: 21)
– It is sufficient for you to realize the greatness of your Creator to know that everyone in this world has his own fingerprint. These differences occur not in a spacious place; rather, in a very limited area that is the fingertip which is less than one square inch. Glory be to Allah!
– Furthermore, every human being has his own genetic code which no other being can imitate. Current research is underway to use the earprint and print of the lips instead of the fingerprint. And we wait for more!
– This matter is thus greater than the idea of having in one’s palms some signs seemingly indicating the numbers 18, 81 or whatever. This idea has no foundation in the Sunnah or the sayings of the Companions. They never concerned themselves with such things. Their minds were occupied with calling to Allah’s religion and disseminating Islam by means of both words and deeds.
– Divine wisdom is, in fact, greater than these groundless conceptions. Have you ever counted the deeds done by one or both of your hands? Just try and you will find that these deeds are countless. So, try to thank Allah for enabling you do these deeds and occupy yourself with this.