For a Muslim, marriage should be an opportunity to seek the pleasure of Allah by having many good intentions regarding his own future as well as that of the whole Ummah. It is really a blessing that deserves our dutiful thanks.

It should be noted that consummating the marriage is not only a time for having sensual pleasure but could also be a time for remembrance of Allah.

Regarding the ruling of observing two unit Rak’ah before marriage consummation, the late sheikh `Abdu `Aziz Ibn Baz, a former Mufti of Saudi Arabia, said:

Some of the Companions were reported to have offered two rak`ahs before consummating the marriage and having sexual intercourse. But there is no authentic narration that established a basis for this practice.

So, if one offers two rak`ah following the example of these pious predecessors, there will be no harm and if he does not, there will be no harm either. The issue is wide open and, to my knowledge, no authentic Sunnah constitutes a basis for it.