A Muslim is still regarded a traveler provided he has not reached his home. Thus, he may enjoy the concession of shortening and combining the Prayers. This means that when he reaches his home town, he is no longer a traveler.

Furthermore, if a traveler starts his journey before Dhuhr and returns home before `Asr,

  • if he can observe Dhuhr anywhere during his journey, then he may shorten it. He can also observe `Asr and shortens it right after Praying Dhur, even if he assumes that he will reach home before `Asr, because no one knows what will happen as he may spend longer hours in his journey.
  • If he cannot, then he can observe it when he  reaches home. But in this case he has to complete it, whether he catches it before `Asr or he combines it with `Asr during the time of `Asr.
  • As for Maghrib and `Isha’ Prayers of that day, he has no right to shorten or combine them as long as he has reached home.