1. The verdict from juristic texts and ruling is that it is not permissible for a woman to ride or board a vehicle alone with a foreign driver. However, what seems to me in this contemporary situation is different with regards to taxis shuttling within the cities. It has now become a necessity in the transportation system. Therefore, it is not forbidden to board with a foreigner alone. As for outside the city, it is not permissible to ride alone unless there are other passengers with them.

2. If a mahram or husband is waiting at the place of arrival, it is not forbidden for a woman to travel alone without the Mahram or husband by flight as this is also a necessity and because a plane cannot be compared with a car. Like the plane, the train is also a means of transportation for a larger group of people under the system and supervision of the officials travelling with them to reassure the passenger. The woman can travel alone as long as there is someone to receive her on arrival.