Sheikh Ahmad Kutty, a senior lecturer and Islamic scholar at the Islamic Institute of Toronto, Ontario, Canada , states: If those who have performed Hajj previously are existing in a country with quota system, they are not allowed to break the quota system in order to be approved for hajj. By doing so they are depriving others of their chances to perform Hajj; those who may never have done Hajj.
Secondly, we are not to do anything un-Islamic or undesirable Islamically, even if it is for Hajj. Hajj is an act of worship; the reward for it is dependent on the intention and the right conduct; otherwise, it will not be called a Hajj mabrur (virtuous hajj) which alone will merit rewards from Allah. It is better for whoever is trying to repeat Hajj to wait for their turn and do it whenever they are given a chance; if, God forbid, they were never to get it, they still will be rewarded for their intention, for the fault was not theirs. We should remember Allah rewards us for our good intentions, even if we are prevented from carrying it out because of circumstances beyond our control.
I pray to Allah to grant us rectitude in words and actions-ameen.”

Allah Almighty knows best.