In his answer to the question, Dr. Monzer Kahf, scholar in Islamic economics & financial expert, said,

We tell all Muslims to quit all that relates to alcohol, and pray to Allah to forgive the past. The Qur’an obliged us to stay away from it.
therefore, renting the space for alcohol is not permissible and its rent is also haram. The Prophet (peace be upon him) mentioned ten things about alcohol as haram and called it the mother of evil.
Renting a space for it is haram, the rent we get is haram, giving the license free to somebody else is haram. etc.
There are actually many restaurants in the west that do not provide alcohol, many are owned by Muslims and some even by non-Muslims and they are doing well. They never complained and never felt that not providing alcohol has ever been a limitation on their business.
Besides, there are many Muslims in the west like me who refuse to enter a restaurant that offers alcohol. A truthful Muslim is going to gain these new customers too!