It is noteworthy that Islam is keen on building a strong society in which love, cooperation, and sympathy prevail. In order to achieve this, Islam has laid down certain rules to govern people’s interaction with each other in the society, defining the rights and obligations of its members. Among social relations that attract Islam’s attention is the kin relationship. The relationship between brothers and sisters should be based on Selatur-rahim which means to maintain ties of kinship among them. Selatur-rahim can be shown by making du`a’ for each other, visiting each other, helping each other whenever brother or sister needs help, and having a good feeling for one another in his/her heart.

So, brothers and sisters should maintain good ties and to have mutual respect and love for each other and to help each other when anyone is in need. The rich brother should help his sister if she is in need. Also, a rich sister has to help her brother if he is in need of financial support. Brothers and sisters should ask about the affairs of each other and to give support when one is in need of support. They have to advise each other when anyone is need of advice. In case a problem arises between sister and daughter, they have to solve it kindly seeking the help of their parents or wise family members without breaking ties of kinship among them.