Those who trade in helpless human kids are sinful in the eyes of Islam. Not only that, but they are also criminals in the full sense of the word. The governments as well as concerned authorities have to live up to their responsibilities and they should not allow this human tragedy to happen.
Dr. Sano Koutoub Moustapha, professor of jurisprudence and its principles at the International Islamic University, Malaysia, states the following: Surely, there is severe and hash punishment for those inhumane people who are trading in helpless children. These traffickers are criminals and they deserve all types of punishments. They are sinful and all mankind should strive to stop this immoral and inhumane activity.

Muslims in those affected places must be vigilant and cautious about this outrageous activity. They have to fear Allah and they should not give up their own children for the sake of a few dollars. It is so disheartening and painful to add extra pain to the disaster. Please don’t deprive the children of living with their beloved ones; please do remember that these children deserve a decent and respected life.
The governments of those affected countries should live up to their responsibilities; they shouldn’t allow this tragedy to happen.
As a Muslim individual, you should do your best to oppose this inhumane activity. Speak up against the criminal and senseless people who are trading in these innocent children and
depriving them from having a normal and decent life.
All in all, those criminals must bear in mind that one day they will have to face the punishment of the Almighty, and that day they will regret this barbaric activity.
Let us pray to Allah to protect those children against evils and devils who are attempting to destroy their faith and identity.