It is recommended for whomever is making Hajj or Umrah to validate and direct his or her intention in Hajj for the sake of Allah alone and to exert the effort to perform the ritual in the most perfect way. It is reported that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “There is no reward for a blessed Hajj but Paradise.”

Regarding the issue of non menstrual blood during hajj,  Sheikh Muhammad Iqbal Nadvi, director and Imam of Al-Falah Islamic center, Oakville, Ontario, Canada, answered,

“What is over or extra to her regular period, is not considered within the monthly cycle. Therefore, if it is continued, she needs only to make a fresh wudu’ for every prayer and she can do everything including the tawaf and sa’y, and complete her Hajj this way.

It should be known that this case lies under the category of istihadah, and therefore it is treated differently from the regular menstruation.”