The ruling of women going to malls, stores, and for having fun and leisure depends on the way they dress, the place they go to, the permission of the husband, as well as the balance woman is supposed to strike between her rights and family obligations.
Generally speaking, there is nothing wrong in a woman’s going out as long as she abides by the Islamic code of dress, obtains her husband’s permission before going out, and the place she wants to go to is not of a suspicious nature, and this would not affect her family duties, otherwise, it is not allowed.
Sheikh Hamid Al-`Ali, instructor of Islamic Heritage at the Faculty of Education, Kuwait and Imam of Dahiat As-Sabahiyya Mosque, states the following: What matters here is not the act of going out itself, rather it’s how a woman goes out. It is not allowed for a woman to leave her house except with the permission of her husband. Her husband can either give her a general permission or she can act according to the custom or `urf of people. For example, if it is the custom of people that women can go for meeting necessary needs, visiting her neighbour, going for work (actually if she is doing a legal work), or visiting her relatives, then there is nothing wrong in her going out.

Another important condition for women going out is that they have to abide by the Islamic dress code. Moreover, if a woman goes out, she has to avoid places of temptations or any place that might cause people to think evil of her if she goes without accompanying her husband.
A woman, furthermore, has to strike a balance between her responsibility towards her kids and husband, and her rights to go out and visit people. If the things contradict with each other, it is not allowed to go outside and neglect her family duties. Moreover, women should not go out excessively as that is not recommended.