Animals slaughtered by communists have specific rulings because there are conditions for slaughtering. Some of these conditions include the place of slaughtering, the machine that slaughters, and the person who is slaughtering the animals.

Not every slaughterer’s meat is considered permissible or halal. Rather, what is permitted by Sharia is the slaughter carried out by Muslim or a person from the follower of scripture, i.e. Jew and Christian. Some scholars included those who had a book and it was raised, like the Zoroastrians, although the majority of jurists do not allow the slaughter of the Zoroastrians either. A hadith of the Prophet has been narrated about them: (Treat them the same way that you treat the people of the Book, but avoid getting married to their women, and do not eat the animals slaughtered by them).

The last part of the hadith (but avoid getting married to their women, and do not eat the animals slaughtered by them) has a weak chain of narrators, for that reason Abu Thawr, Ibn Hazm and others have not used it, and they allowed the Muslim to eat the animal slaughtered by the people of the book, or who has something that resembles a book like the Zoroastrians.

What we can affirm is that it is not permissible to eat the slaughtered animal of any slaughterer. Rather, it is stipulated that the slaughterer should be a Muslim or a believer in one of the heavenly books, because slaughtering is the extermination of a soul created by Allah SWA, and this extermination, is not authorized by Allah except for those who believe in Him, and believe that He has a revelation. And believe that there is an afterlife – that is, the Muslim and the people of the book.

As for the one who denies Allah and his revelation, and does not acknowledge Allah’s authority, then Allah SWA has not given him the right to slaughter a creature or any living creature, or take the soul of an animal, because he does not have the right or the permission. That is why when the Muslim slaughters he says: In the name of Allah, and Allahu Akbar (Allah is the greatest)

That is, I slaughter and kill this soul with the permission of Allah SWA, and I have the divine permission to kill this soul. So I kill this living creature in the name of Allah SWA. As for the one who does not acknowledge Allah at all, how is this permitted to him, and how is this right granted? God did not give him that. For that reason the apostate and the atheist, who does not believe in Allah SWA, nor in his messages, or any book he has sent down, nor in any messenger that has been sent from Allah SWA, like communists, then the animal slaughtered by them is not permissible by the consensus of the scholars. 

From this we can say that it is not permissible for the Muslims to eat chicken or any meat which has come from communists. Therefore it is not allowed for muslims to use any kind of meat or chicken, and it is not allowed for them to consume it, and benefit from it, rather they have to cooperate with each other to provide such a service to the rest of the Muslims, like other muslim minorities everywhere.