We call upon all muslim wives in this situation, to fear Allah and to keep their family and to cut all relations with any other man. It is not allowed for a Muslim woman to have a relation with a man other than her husband.

With the above in mind, we call upon women to listen to the voice of truth and to repent sincerely to Allah Almighty, and to start cutting any relationship with any man other than their husbands in order to spare themselves Allah’s punishment in this world and in the hereafter.

Bellow are some tips that could help you keep the family:

As married woman, we should try to:

1. Try to enhance our knowledge about Islam. This may be done through visiting the nearby Islamic center, visiting reliable Islamic web sites, reading Islamic books, etc.

2. Spare no efforts in bringing ourselves closer to our husband through all available permissible means. Try to beautify ourselves for them, and be soft when talking to them, etc. Also, try to think of the positive sides of their character.

3- Try to seek the help and counseling of the Imam of a nearby Islamic center.

4. Try to arrange for a journey with our husbands and kids so that we would have a chance to maintain ties of love and affection among ourselves.

5. Use every opportunity to speak to our husbands gently and kindly while trying to enhance the bonds of love and affection among each other.

6. Don’t forget to make du`a’ to Allah to help you lead a good life and to guide you to what is best in this world and the world to come.